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​Providing comprehensive doula support and education to Bay Area families
for over 15 years


Welcome to Lifeforce Birthworks

A positive birth and postpartum experience is key to beginning one of life's greatest journeys on solid ground. 

Working in partnership with a seasoned, trusted birth support professional is your first step.    

It was the births of my god children over 20 years ago that would eventually steer me into the world of birth support and education. At the time, I was in graduate school, teaching creative writing, working on a collection of short stories. So profound was the experience, however, that I considered leaving all that behind to become a midwife. I'd not yet heard the word 'doula'.


But I kept on with my current path, got married, gave birth to two daughters of my own. Then a few years later, I saw a flyer on a window advertising a "doula training". And, as they say, that was that.

Now, after many hundreds of births (I stopped counting after 500 a few years ago), my sense of awe, passion, and belief in the rights of all people to birth their babies and create families with agency and high-quality support, remains as strong as that very first miraculous experience. 

I am a sole practitioner serving the North and East Bay regions, as well as San Francisco. I find the one-to-one relationship-building over time to be invaluable for women/birthing people and their partners as they enter into this new and tender territory. More often than not, as your birth doula I am THE continuity of care on your birth team.

Sarah Hamilton Birth Doula

While birth support forms the core of my practice, when combined with other offerings, a rich foundation of support, confidence, and preparation is created.   


When we work together you'll also have access to a robust client page with well-vetted referrals, articles, videos, etc., to help you prepare and build community.

Check out what's offered, then fill out an inquiry form with any questions you may have. From there, we can schedule a complimentary informational consultation (via video). You'll get a feel for doula support in general and details about how we'd work together, depending on what services you're interested in.  

Kind Words....

“Three births, three babies, all totally different, only ONE Sarah! I'd never have a baby without you--thank you!! ”


Marin County

Tom Killian

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