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​​​Birth Doula Services

As a member of your birth team, my number one job as your Doula is to provide you with continuous physical, emotional, and unbiased informational support, whether that be at home, birth center, or hospital. Your goals become my goals; your vision becomes my vision. In short, I have your back—both literally and figuratively.


Once unheard of, Birth Doulas are now known (based on strong evidence) for  significantly improving outcomes and increasing positive birth experiences. We lower rates of interventions, complications, postpartum depression, and cesarean births. We improve rates of satisfaction, self-esteem, breastfeeding success. 

It's not that we're miracle workers. It's that we fill a unique and essential role for each woman/birthing person:


We identify, meet, and attend to YOUR fundamental needs continuously as they unfold. We normalize the process for you. We see and believe in your strengths and help you to do the same. We make sure you're informed as to what's happening, and that you know your choices. We create trust and a sense of safety. We listen, we respect, we honor. We wholly support your partner so that your partner can support you. 

In short, we help create the conditions for you to let go into the process, which is what it's all about, regardless of your labor/birth preferences and location. And however it unfolds,  you're not out there on your own, and that makes all the difference

Birth Support Offerings

Full Birth Support Package

The most popular choice. If your budget allows, it's one of the best investments you can make in your birth. ​From the moment we agree to work together, I'm yours. 

  • 2 prenatal home visits

  • The second a mini-childbirth prep

  • Phone/email/text throughout your pregnancy, well into postpartum

  • On call 24/7 from 38 weeks on

  • Continuous labor and birth support 

  • Photos of labor and birth if desired

  • 2 hours (or more if  needed) immediate postpartum support

  • 2 postpartum home visits

  • Detailed birth log (if labor allows)

  • Ongoing support postpartum as needed via phone, text, video

  • Guarranteed back-up birth doula (rarely needed)

Off-the-Cuff Birth Support Package 

Perfect for: 2nd+ timers who are a little on the fence about whether they 'need' doula support this go around; folks who waited too long to book a seasoned doula; and those whose budgets don't allow for the full doula package.

 This offering is a little tricky to describe succinctly, and it's potentially open to some customization, so let's schedule a consult and I can send you the full description in advance. But in short, it's full, in-person birth support but at a slightly lower commitment level--on both ends.  Thus the sweet price....!

Virtual Birth Support Package

A great fit for folks on a tight budget; those who have really great support already, but want professional guidance; and/or are located in a place with few options. I introduced this during Covid (in addition to in-person support), and it filled a big gap in care, so I've continued offering it.


  • 2 prenatal prep sessions. (The second can be in-person if located in the Bay Area and my schedule allows)

  • Phone/email/text throughout before, during, after birth

  • On call 24/7 from 38 weeks on

  • Continuous labor and birth support via phone, text, video 

  • 2 hours (or more if  needed) postpartum support via phone, text, video 

  • 1 postpartum home visits via video or in person if in Bay Area

  • Detailed birth log (if feasible)

  • Ongoing support postpartum as needed via phone, text, video

Childbirth & Postpartum Education ​​​

I offer Childbirth and Postpartum Preparation with an eye for balancing essential information with building trust and confidence in your own strengths and intuition.

I incorporate numerous approaches/modalities into my classes, combined with years of birth and postpartum experience. 

I no longer have a dedicated teaching space, so as of mid-January 2024, I'll only be offering private classes, OR, should someone want to offer up their space, we can do a small group session (2-4 couples), which are really nice opportunities to get to know other people in your shoes and build community. In that case, the hosting particpants receive a 20-30% discount on their class fee (depending on number of participants). 

Tree Belly_edited_edited.jpg

Childbirth & Postpartum Education Offerings

7-hour Private Birth Prep Intensive 

We cover a lot in 8 hours! With this shorter, intensive model, info percolates down and sticks vs. the standard 6-9 meeting structure. Best scheduled around 35-36 weeks pregnant

  • Two-4 hr sessions

  • Learning packet provided digitally 

  • Physiology/biochemistry of labor/birth

  • Biomechanics of labor/birth

  • Phases and stages of labor/birth

  • Optimizing baby's position

  • Working with the mind in labor

  • Strategies to manage labor sensations/pain

  • home & hospital prep

  • Physical support--counter pressure, massage, hip squeeze, positions, etc. 

  • Timing for hospital arrival (if not homebirth)

  • Hospital admission, interventions, etc

  • Induction--the process & choices

  • Immediate postpartum: the big transition

3.5-hour 2nd+Timer Refresher Course

2nd and 3rd births are rarely anything like the first! Get seasoned, practical information and tips for this 'new' experience coming up + a hands-on refresher on all things labor and birth! 

  •  3.5 hr- 4hr session

  • Learning packet provided digitally

  • Understanding your 2nd+ timer body 

  • Working with the mind, nervous system

  • Refresher on stages and phases as related to 2nd+ births

  • Optimal fetal positioning, idenifing possilbe 'malpositioning'

  • Partner role in 2nd births

  • Planning/managing for your first born

  • Refresher on labor support strategies

  • Understanding the nature of fast births

  • Transitioning to hospital

  • Refresher on admission, hospital protocols, interventions, options

  • Immediate postpartum the 2nd time 


3-4hr Postpartum Prep + Planning

A crash course in postpartum and newborn care. Loaded with grounded, practical information. 


  • ​The first 2-3 days postpartum

  • Getting breastfeeding off to a good start, staying there

  • Early breastfeeding issues

  • Transition to home and the first week

  • Newborn care basics

  • Your baby--what's common to all, what's unique about yours

  • Sleep (lack there of)

  • Getting support--what kind, when to do it, and whether to get it all

  • Division of labor--who, what, when

  • Meal planning, meal trains

  • Family and friend visits

  • Your changing relationship with eachother--strategies for success

  • And so much more! 

Postpartum Support

PLEASE NOTE: As of November, 2023, I am only offering postpartum doula support to my North Bay birth clients (sorry)


In addition to newborn care and practical support, "mothering the mother" (and her partner) is what distinquishes the role of a Pospartum Doula from, say, a night nurse or newborn care specialist.


We're designed to help you and your partner build the confidence, skills, and support structure you need so you can 'fly solo' as soon as the timing is right. In other words, we're doing our job when we've worked ourselves out of one.

Because birth support is at the core of my practice, I keep my postpartum support offerings flexible, adaptable, and focused on the first month postpartum.

Postpartum Support Offerings

Flexible Postpartum Day Support

Experienced, practical, non-judgmental support for those early weeks. Scheduling flexibility. Tailored to meet your changing needs:

  • 4hr sessions

  • Breasfeeding support and education

  • Newborn care and education-- baby's cues, abilities, calming techniques, understanding fundamental needs and normal behaviors, etc

  • Calming techniques 

  • Direct baby care so you can rest/rejuvinate

  • Baby wearing instruction

  • Support with processing birth should you desire

  • Nutritional guidance and light meal prep

  • Understanding your changed/changing body 

  • You as parents--adjusting to a 'new normal

  • Referrals to further support--breastfeeding, PTs, screening/resources for pp blues/depression

Placenta Encapsulation

There will likely never be a large controlled study on placenta ingestion, so I'm careful not to make huge claims as to its potential benefits. That said, first- hand positive experiences from postpartum clients convinced me to offer this service. Let's listen to women! 

Picked up and delivered 2-3 days postpartum. Traditional Chinese Medicine method used--fully cooked, safe. Utmost sanitation practices used.

You may experience:

  • Balancing of postpartum hormones--less 'rollercoaster ride'

  • Greater sense of calm, groundedness

  • Increased energy levels

  • Less severe fatigue

  • Excellent source of iron

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