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Over 95% of women in the United States have their babies in hospitals. For the majority, the safe passage of both their babies and themselves is one of their primary motivations for birthing within a medical setting. And while many women and their partners are happy with their experience, as birth has become increasingly more medicalized and technological, many women are actually feeling less safe and less secure—emotionally, psychologically, and even physically—and more anxious about how best to birth their babies.


As a member of your birth team, my number one job as your Doula is to provide you with unending and continuous emotional and physical support, as well as unbiased and evidence-based information, as you negotiate the frequently hectic terrain of modern labor and delivery. I am committed to helping you manifest the birth you have so dearly and tenderly envisioned-your goals become my goals; your vision becomes my vision. In short, I have your back—both literally and figuratively. If I have any "agenda" it's that you have the most positive birth experience possible--regardless of how it unfolds. 


So, what might this "doula support" look and feel like?

While most of us Doulas come with a bag of labor tools or tricks--from birth balls, hot and cold compresses, aromatherapy, and massage oil in order to facilitate movement, manage pain, and provide comfort, I believe, though, that the deeper support is even more wonderfully "low tech" than these simple items. Drawing from both birth knowledge and intuition, it's about being highly attuned to your needs and your evolving birthing state of mind, body and spirit, and responding accordingly. It's  about believing in your abilities and your intuition. And it's about helping you stay and/or find the path that is right for you.     


Some mothers go into birth certain about having a natural childbirth and then things go a different direction, while others plan on an epidural and never use it. Birth, like most profound endeavors in life, is unpredictable, mysterious, incredibly creative, and something that no matter what your vision is, you deserve full support. 

I am excited to support you at home, at the hospital, or at a birth center.  I have extensive experience with successful VBACs, and advanced trainings in optimal fetal positioning techniques; mindfulness-based labor prep; and working with women with a previous history of trauma. 

Services and Fees



Birth Doula Package

  • 2 prenatal home visits

  • Phone/email/text communication throughout your pregnancy and well into postpartum

  • On call 24/7 from 38 weeks until you have your baby

  • Continuous labor and birth support once labor begins and until your baby is born

  • 2 hours (or more if  needed) postpartum support at your place of birth

  • 1-2 postpartum home visits (depends on your preference) 

  • Detailed birth log

  • Ongoing support connecting with community resources, access to library of books and CDs, etc.


Birth Doula Package (above):  Contact me for pricing

Please note: I firmly believe every woman should have access to doula support. Therefore, until such time that insurance companies see the doula light, each month I make every attempt to support at least one or two women whose financial situation would prevent them from getting the  support they need and deserve. If this is you, please don't hesitate to let me know.   

How the Birth Doula Process Unfolds

Initial Meeting: You are about to share a very intimate and personal experience with your Doula, so a good fit is key! Feel free to call or email to set up a complimentary in-person consultation to see and feel if we are right for eachother.


Contracting: Once we’ve interviewed and it’s agreed that we are a good match, I will provide you with a contract. A 50% retainer is due at this time, with the balance due at 38 weeks. Once in contract, we will schedule your first prenatal visit to take place approximately two months before your estimated due date (EDD). The second visit will follow about one month prior to your EDD. Each visit is usually about an hour to an hour and a half in length (unless we contract for additional childbirth preparation services separately).


Phone/email support: Once I am your Doula, you are free to call, text, email with thoughts, questions, concerns throughout the weeks leading up to your labor. I am happy to answer questions within my scope of practice, network with others in the birth community as necessary,  and/or direct you toward resources for further support. 


Prenatal Visits: Topics may include comfort and coping strategies (information and practice using a variety of modalities); clarifying your birth vision; reviewing medical protocols and interventions; review of pre-vs. early labor signs, information about community resources; breastfeeding and newborn care, etc.


Customized Childbirth Prep Prenatals: As a Lamaze-trained Childbirth Educator, I also offer additional prenatal visits to help you expand your birthing and newborn knowledge should you not be taking either a full or intensive childbirth preparation series. These visits can be tailored to your specific interests, needs, and current level of knowledge, and are a nice way to further increase client-Doula trust and partnership before jumping into the birth process together.

If interested, please go to the Childbirth Preparation page for further information 


24/7 Support at 38 Weeks: From your 38th week on I am committed and prepared to drop everything to support your birth process. This means you can call/text/email day or night and I will be there for you, whether it's to talk through possible signs of labor over the phone at 2am or head your way if that's what you feel would be best. 


Birth Day: When it becomes clear that your time has come to birth your baby, we can decide when and where it would be best for me to enter into the process. I am prepared to step out of my life once I hear from you, and am committed to staying with you throughout the entire time. 


After Birth: I will stay with you and your partner for another 1-2 hours, depending on what you want. I can support you with breastfeeding, we can reflect on the experience, I can take photos, make calls if you desire, whatever you need.

Postpartum Visits: Between one and two weeks after the birth (it’s up to you) I will come to your house for 2 follow-up visits. At this meeting we can process the birth, go over any breastfeeding and newborn care questions or concerns you may have, talk about community resources you may be interested/in need of, and I will give you your birth log and any photos I may have taken.

Ongoing Postpartum Doula Care: As a trained Postpartum Doula, I also provide parents with intensive support the first few weeks after birth so that you have the time, support, and  information you need to transition confidently into parenthood.

If interested, please see the Postpartum Care page for further information






Birth Doula Services

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