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I approach birth craft with humility, kindness, humor, and a keen mind and open heart.


Beginning one of life's greatest journeys is an exciting, joyful time. But it can also feel pretty overwhelming. On the one hand, there's information overload; on the other, a lack of solid, dedicated support.

As your Birth Doula, I'm essentially 'in your back pocket' from the time we begin working together until well into postpartum. You have unlimited access to me prenatally to support you in building knowledge and confidence. During the birth process, I serve as a calm, grounded trustworthy presence. My fundamental role is to help you understand, navigate, and trust your and your baby's unique journey. I attend to all aspects of who you are as a person--your heart, mind, and body. I support your partner so that they can be wholly present for you. I am practical, communicative, very hands on as needed, but also mindful of your particular and ever-changing birth process.  


I have no competing interests, no agenda about how you choose to give birth and become parents. My ultimate commitment to you and your partner is that you feel wholly supported, informed, and connected to your own strengths and sense of agency no matter how baby arrives.  

While birth itself is the greatest of teachers, I am continually deepening my knowledge and skills related to birth craft to best support my clients. I have advanced training in:

  • optimal fetal positioning

  • trauma-informed birth support

  • survivors giving birth

  • anti-racist awareness training

  • neonatal resuscitation 

  • herbal remedies for pregnancy

  • labor massage & mysofascial release

  • Instructor, RN labor support trainings

  • infant First Aid/CPR-certified

  • extensive VBAC experience (over 97% success rate)

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