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Beginning one of life's greatest transformations is an exciting, joyful time. But it can also feel quite overwhelming. On the one hand there's information overload, and on the other a lack of solid, dedicated support around pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 

Once we decide to work together, as your birth doula, I'm essentially 'in your back pocket' in a multitude of ways whenever you need it--from seasoned, unbiased guidance to evidence-based information, and emotional, physcial, and practical support, I'm right here for you. 


I have no competing interests, no agenda about how you choose to give birth and become parents. My number one goal and commitment to you and your partner is that you feel wholly supported, informed, and grounded in your own unique strengths and preferences, no matter how it all unfolds. That's the recipe for a positive birth experience. 


Though I've seen a lot of birth at this point, I continually approach my work with curiosity, and  am continually expanding my knowledge and training in the field and have been very involved in the development of the Bay Area birth community for close to 20 years: 

  • Certified Birth Doula & Postpartum Doula

  • Integrative Childbirth Educator

  • Doula mentor

  • Instructor, RN labor support trainings

  • Founding board member, Friends of the San Francisc Birth Center

  • Infant First Aid/CPR-certified

  • Extensive VBAC experience (over 97% success rate)

  • 25+ year mindfulness-based meditation practice

  • Advanced trainings in:

    • optimal fetal positioning

    • birth trauma

    • survivors giving birth

    • anti-racist awareness training

    • neonatal resuscitation 

    • herbal remedies for pregnancy

    • labor massage & mysofascial release

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