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Embarking upon one of life's biggest transformations is an exciting and joyful time, but it can also be overwhelming.  Many people creating families are also busy developing other aspects of their lives as well--careers, school, buying houses, immersed in avocations and social activities, and are often far away from their family support systems. It can feel like there's too much to learn about and navigate through and not enough time nor consistent support to draw from. 

It's with this understanding that I have designed my childbirth practice to offer a continuum of services--childbirth preparation, birth doula support, and postpartum care. In this way you have the opportunity to develop a trusting and more familiar relationship with a birth professional over time who will support you through every phase of the journey. 


Parenthood is all about growing and nurturing relationships--with this new love in your life, your partner and family, and your ever expanding community. It is a time of constant change and growth. As someone who's been through the ups and downs of it all, I love that I can turn around and support young families starting out.

My mission is to help you feel calm, confident and empowered in the process--before, during and after birth, and to support you in creating the time and  space to nurture and strengthen relationships and community.

Please peruse the pages specific to each type of service I offer to get a further sense of my approach.  Should you be interested in a continuum of support before, during and after childbirth, let's talk in person and we can put together a package that fits your needs. 


​    Peaceful birth and parenting to you!






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