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Postpartum Doula Care

​In many cultures, the first 6 weeks or more after birth are considered a  sacred time. Great care is given to the mother as she is honored for her remarkable achievement of bringing life into the world, and time and space is given to the couple so that they develop a strong foundation as parents. As with pregnancy and the birth process itself, the postpartum period is also  a time of profound change and growth and adjustment. Often women, couples and families It is with this same respect and regard for this transitional time that I offer postpartum doula services to my clients.     


In addition to newborn care, "mothering the mother" and her partner is what distinquishes the role of a Pospartum Doula from, say, a nanny or newborn care specialist. A common refrain among DONA postpartum Doulas is that our job is to work ourselves out of a job--that is, to help you have the focused support, rest and information you need to "fly solo" with confidence

Services and Fees

I offer evidence-based care and support to all members of the family--mother, partner, siblings. Because all families are totally unique, I tailor my services to fit your needs within my scope of practice. My time with you may include the following: 

  • Breasfeeding support and education

  • Newborn care and education-- baby's cues, abilities, calming techniques, understanding fundamental needs and normal behaviors, etc

  • calming techniques; 

  • Time with baby so you can rest/rejuvinate

  • Baby wearing

  • Support with processing your birth should you desire

  • Sibling care so that you can have time with your baby

  • Postpartum nutritional guidance and light meal prep (I worked as professional caterer for years, so I love to feed my families!) 

  • Referrals to local birthing community resources

How the Pospartum Doula Process Unfolds

Initial Meeting: Working with someone in your home during this precious time, is a big deal, so a good fit is key! Feel free to call or email to set up a complimentary in-person consultation to see and feel if we are right for eachother.

Contracting: Once we’ve interviewed and it’s agreed that we are a good match, I will provide you with a contract. A $150 retainer is due at this time to ensure my availability for the time you need me. This amount will go toward the last five hours of the contract. 


Phone/email support: Once I am your Doula, you are free to call, text, email with thoughts, questions, concerns throughout our time together. I am happy to answer questions within my scope of practice, seek information from the birth community, and/or direct you toward resources for further support.

Structure of services: For the most part I work with families for short, intensive periods: 2-5 days per week, 4 hour shifts (minimum), for 2-6 weeks soon after birth, depending on your needs, resources, and circumstances, of course. Because my practice also includes birth work and childbirth preparation, and because I'm very mindful of just how ever-changing early baby time can be,  I am comfortable being flexible (schedule permitting) in terms of how our postpartum contract unfolds over time. This tends to be really nice for parents. So, for example one week I may come in the early mornings if that's what you need,  which may change the next week to early afternoon. I am open to including night work into our time should that start to feel like a need, too. And should you decide to transition to a nanny or night doula,  I can help with that process. 



For families beyond the East Bay, I request 1hour travel time compensation to cover time, gas and bridge toll.  


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