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Childbirth Preparation


You've no doubt heard the refrain a lot: Knowledge is Power. But when it comes to childbirth preparation, what does that mean? What knowledge is empowering and which isn't, and how much is too much? Some women and/or their partners can't get enough information about the journey they're on, while others feel a bit overwhelmed by all the choices and "need-to-knows", and would prefer to go take a (much needed) nap, during which they can practice their 'relaxation techniques' just fine, thank you very much.

With that in mind, I offer a number of different childbirth preparation modules to choose from depending on your current level of knowledge, your time limitations, and your  particular vision for your birth. I approach the process with an eye for balancing essential information with building trust and confidence in your innate abilities. My approach is rooted in the fundamental belief that 1) you and your baby are amazingly equipped and capable of birthing successfully; and 2) that the deeper you learn about and build confidence in your abilities, the more prepared and empowered you will feel going into the experience.

While my sessions are structured around the six Lamaze childbirth principles, and I received my training through the very fun and lively Passion for Birth Program (whose mission is to "stomp out boring childbirth classes!"), I incorporate numerous other approaches into my classes and try to tailor style and curriculum to the needs and interests of participants. I don't believe there is any one way that holds the key to facilitating a positive and empowered birth experience. I encourage you to approach your childbirth preparation process holistically--mind, body and spirit--by exploring and getting to know both your inner resources, as well as the many health and wellness modalities available  in the Bay Area.  

Services and Fees

(***PLEASE NOTE: due to my schedule, right now I am only offering Customized Childbirth Prep Prenatals, available in one or multiple 2-hour sessions.  However, please check out the other options and feel free to leave me your contact if you'd like to know when the other series will be available***)


Customized 2-hour Childbirth Prep Prenatals

In the comfort of your home, these are designed to be incorporated into our Birth Doula work together over and above the 2 1-hour sessions that come with that package. Topics can be tailored to your needs and you can add multiple 2-hour sessions. This is a really nice way for us to build a strong foundation of trust and teamwork prior to  Labor Day.  

Fee: $75 for 2/hr session 


5-hour Basics Intensive:

Something of a nuts and bolts crash course for those who've suddenly accepted the day IS actually going to come soon and so better bone up. Also good for repeat parents. Curriculum includes: Physiology and stages of labor, a variety of comfort/coping measures based on diverse approaches, hospital protocols/interventions, breastfeeding and newborn care essentials. Hands on and interactive. 50% discount for host family. 

Fee: Private--$200; Group--$90 per mama/couple.  3 mama/couple minimum

12-hour Full Series:

4 3-hour sessions. A standard, full-length series covering all aspects of childbirth in depth. Covers the topics in the 5 hour Basics Intensive in more depth, and allows time to go over topics of particular interest to participants. Also a really nice  way to build community with other moms/parents-to-be. 50% discount to host families. 

Fee: $175 per mama/couple, 4 mother/couple minimum 

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